Arrival Slip Resistant Sneaker

Arrival Slip Resistant Sneaker

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Step into a world where top-tier comfort meets cutting-edge technology with these sneakers. Designed for those who lead an active lifestyle, these shoes offer both unparalleled support and superior comfort, making them ideal for movement, travel, and everyday living.

Features Include:

  • Outsole: Durable rubber equipped with VIO-GRIP technology, enhancing traction on both wet and slippery surfaces, ensuring stability and safety.
  • Uppers: Crafted from synthetic mesh knit, providing breathability and a comfortable fit.
  • Footbed: Features a removable Mesh-Covered EVA, offering both comfort and ease of cleaning.
  • Heel Height: 1.87 inches, providing elevation while maintaining comfort.
  • Platform Height: 1.12 inches, adding a subtle boost.
  • VIONIC VIO MOTION TECHNOLOGY: These shoes are engineered for stability, cushioning, arch support, and flexibility, meeting the needs of dynamic lifestyles.
  • Proud recipient of the APMA Seal of Acceptance, affirming their commitment to foot health and comfort.
  • Available in women's whole and half sizes, catering to a wide range of foot sizes.
  • Offered in Medium (B) width, sizes 5, 6-10, 11, 12, ensuring a fit for almost every foot.

Comfort Tips:

  • For optimal comfort, it's recommended to wear the new Vionic footwear for just a few hours during the first few days, allowing your feet to adjust to the new level of orthotic comfort and support.
  • Within one to two weeks, the shoes should become completely comfortable and fully supportive.

Care Instructions:

  • For cleaning, remove insoles and place shoes in the washing machine.
  • Use cold water and air dry only; avoid machine drying as extreme temperatures may cause the shoes to shrink.