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The winter months pose no challenge to the metropolitan woman. She embodies strength, elegance, and a flair for navigating the winter cityscape. Her ability to look effortlessly stylish, even when clad in her warm attire, is unmatched. The secret to her polished appearance lies in strategic layering. Her ensemble typically begins with a foundational piece, such as a cozy turtleneck or a chic sweater dress, followed by a coat or jacket for added insulation. The crowning feature of her attire is invariably a pair of fashionable urban sneakers.

These sneakers boast side panels made of suede leather and textile, a prominent logo on the pull tab, and a heel stabilizer for added support. The design includes a 3 cm high EVA midsole and a memory foam insole that can be removed for convenience. The sole is serrated, featuring a unique printed design beneath a layer of transparent rubber.

Available in sizes 36-42 (5.5-11.5), medium.

Not sure what your size is? 

  • 36 = 5.5
  • 37 = 6.5
  • 38 = 7.5
  • 39 = 8.5
  • 40 = 9.5
  • 41 = 10.5
  • 42 = 11.5