W2034 Stability Walker Sneaker

W2034 Stability Walker Sneaker

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Discover our most acclaimed Walking shoe, the Stability Walker, a favorite among those who seek both comfort and support in their daily strides. This shoe is not just about walking; it's about enhancing stability and providing a reliable base for every step.

Features Include:

  • Specially designed with a wider forefoot and heel base, the Stability Walker offers the pinnacle of stability, perfect for those who prioritize a firm, balanced footing.
  • Easy-to-clean full grain leather upper, coupled with a spacious toe box, gives your toes ample space to spread out, which significantly improves stability.
  • This shoe is diabetic-friendly, featuring a removable memory foam insole that not only provides exceptional comfort but also allows for the use of custom orthotics if needed.
  • Reinforced eyelets ensure durability, while the stability shank on the outsole contributes to a long-lasting, smooth stride.

Removable Footbed:

  • The inclusion of a removable footbed in the Stability Walker adds an extra layer of versatility, accommodating custom orthotic needs and ensuring that each individual's foot care requirements are met with ease.