W3840 Washable Walker Sneaker

W3840 Washable Walker Sneaker

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Introducing a superb lace-up shoe that effortlessly combines practicality with style, perfect for those who lead an active, on-the-go lifestyle. This shoe is more than just a footwear choice; it's a durable and convenient companion for everyday wear.

Features Include:

  • Machine washable, featuring soft suede uppers that can withstand regular washing, ensuring they remain fresh and clean no matter how often they're worn.
  • Equipped with a lightweight outsole, making it ideal for daily wear without compromising on comfort.
  • The leather upper is paired with Nylex lining, enhancing the shoe's breathability and overall comfort.
  • A padded collar and tongue add an extra layer of cushioning for all-day comfort.


  • These shoes are specifically designed for machine washing, making them incredibly easy to care for and maintain.

Slip Resistant:

  • The outsoles of these shoes are specially designed to provide high grip and traction, making them safe and reliable for various surfaces.
  • They have been rigorously tested for slip resistance on different flooring types like vinyl and quarry tile, with test results confirming their efficacy.
  • This slip-resistant feature makes them an ideal choice for environments where safety and stability are paramount.